Epic Fail.

Your government has failed you. That is the plain and obvious truth. Jubilee, CORD, AMANI, TIP et al. They sit in their plush offices and abuse the power that you handed to them. They are deaf to the will of the people; they pass laws that strip away your rights and your dignity. They laugh as they use their influence to amass personal wealth, uncaring as they crush the average mwananchi in the process. The system is broken.

Your leaders have failed you. The chasm that separates us from the leadership is always widening, whilst you and I wax lyrical; hurling abuse at each other on twitter. They snigger and hunker down further into the recess of their next elaborate scheme to rob you blind before they come asking for your permission to do so again for another five years. The system seems irreparable.

Your champions have failed you. For every fearless person that challenges the system is swallowed into the quicksand of the mire of corruption. We have seen them rise and fall. We have watched and cried as our heroes turn human. Swallowed by the deftness and efficacy of the system to sour the purest of intentions to bend or break the few sprouts of hope that emerges. The system smothers.

You have failed you. You have failed to hold your leaders and your government accountable to you. It is your taxes that they pay themselves with. You are the collateral they use to drive us all collectively into larger debt. You have become sheep; enslaved and shepherded by tribe and dogma. You misuse the only power that you have to haul yourself from the precipice of bondage. Your own wool used to obscure the path before you. The system is just a tool. We are broken, but not beyond redemption.


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