Mad as a hatter is this crazy nutter.So what should you expect to see on this blog? A whole lot of rhetoric about myself on this particular page! A lot of mutterings about everything else on all other pages which will come  along fast and furious that’s for sure!

So I will have  an embarrassment corner where I will put up all the mushy poetry I wrote back in the day ! I showed them to a publisher who accused me of “Intellectual Masturbation!”.I never got over that.Well I guess now you will all see what the product of being an intellectual wanker is!

Seeing as it is my intention to overwhelm you with the exuberance of my own verbosity and the fecundity of my imagination I feel that I must warn you. If you have not watched “The Matrix” you will not get the next paragraph at all but welcome to the workings of my twisted mind anyway.

Here comes the warning . Unlike morpheus to  Neo I will not extend to you the courtesy of offering you a silver pill box with two differently coloured pills in it. When your mouse clicked on this link you accepted my terms  and conditions and I forcibly stuffed the red pill down your throat . Yes you are now stuck in wonderland! So why not see how far this rabbit hole goes? As long as you are here anyway.


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