I choose…

Not until or unless we realize that we as a people are both the marble and the sculptor we implode. We shall forever live under the yoke of negative ethnicity, despondency, despair and failure. In the place of a beacon of social, economic and political progression envisaged by others before us who shed blood sweat and tears to attain. We shall leave ruins. You and I are the custodians of the future of our progeny not our leaders whom we deserve since we the people gave them that mandate-(Both in government and out of it.)

We the people are the custodians of our own fate and that of our progeny. We the people are the only ones who can decide if this country burns or if it prospers. It will always be we the people who are judged by history for it is we who are the shepherds of the future of our offspring. We can opt to be sheep and wallow in the blame game and scream about where the buck stops or we can bend ourselves pick up the buck and run with it.

I am evolutionarily superior to sheep. I refuse to be herded to my death as I watch. I am neither helpless nor hapless. I have a choice to simply shut out the cacophony of a political class hell bent on dragging us all down the path to self-destruction. I have a choice to shout down the beldam of spurious leaders, naysayers, bottom feeders and inciters whose only objective is to drown out the already soundless screams of innocent blood needlessly spilt. I have the choice to banish to oblivion the whispers of ignominious scoundrels who would like vultures want to tear down my country for the sole intent of picking at its carrion for their own dubious ends. I have a choice to question everything that I know will only end in distracting the society that I cherish to the point of destruction.

I choose to avoid listening to the ceaseless litany of problems and opt to look within for solutions instead. I choose life over death, wealth of knowledge and ideas to mediocrity and ignorance. I choose enterprise over apathy. I choose right over wrong. I choose to stand steadfast against all manner of injustice real or perceived including those I would inflict on myself. I choose to mull over what my neighbors says first and not to respond fast without musing over the impact of my response. I choose realize that the problem is not always the hurdle but the problem is the way I perceive the problem. What do you choose?


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