Gibberish !

This is the page that will serve as my rant ,rave ,gnash,fire and brimstone ,literary regurgitation zone ! All my pet peeves will be brought out here and if i loose you somewhere don’t worry you are in good company ! I will probably have no idea where am going with the rant either!

Just to be sure though let start off with a thought that might not endear me to too many women starting now !

I was having a discussion with a friend the other day who brought up a very touchy subject in female company. He posited that girlfriends were nothing more than glorified escorts whom you have to maintain !

i was aghast at both his seeming candor and the bitter taste the subject matter left in my mouth as my current girlfriend was at the table ! Being a bit of an idiot and a slight romantic with a dash of chivalry mixed in i felt i had to defend my girlfriends honor at least (To hell with the rest of em’ they wont deny pleasures of the flesh if i don’t speak up!)

So i calmly asked for an explanation and this apparently distasteful man began painting a picture on some seedy side corner of a den of iniquity where a transaction is being negotiated. Money changes hands and the duo (or group)depending on the amount that changes hands disappear farther into the place.

He then began to paint another picture . one where boy meets girl ,boy likes girl or vice versa . the opening gambit is in motion and a couple of drinks later phone numbers are exchanged. The mating dance has begun depending on strategy the end game can sometimes be settled during this first encounter usually both parties dispense with the middle game .

Never the less a deal has been struck and after a couple of more resources have been expended the game hits an impasse.Something has to give and usually its the man who has to dig deeper .

In some extreme cases he insisted men actually “keep” their girlfriends and cited examples from amongst mutual friends and one of the ladies at the table who was always going on about her rich boyfriend. HE concluded that he would never pay cash for sex but he is under no illusion that he doesn’t pay for it either way!

At that point I excused myself and went to the little boys room via the bar and a double tequila!


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