The screwee!

They say that men get laid while women get screwed, With that said Its amazing what men will go through to get laid .Every man past a certain age has done something they would rather forget just to exchange fuck faces with some girl,woman,cougar or MILF they fancied. Case in point yours truly.

At some point in my life,actually when I was young dumb and full of cum. I used to drive from my offices at the village market to a university on the outskirts of Rongai to pick up a girl.She wasn’t even my girlfriend just the flavor of that month. Because I am a civilized kind of man I would then drive all the way back to my house in Westlands a couple of hours later drive her back ! We still broke up because apparently I was not dedicated enough.

In truth I think she found me too old or maybe I sucked in the sack! I will never know for sure. What I do know is that the sex was off the chain ! You know, the toe curling,blood curdling,waking- up- the- neighbors- with- my- screams- of- pleasure kind of coitus. To this day I am convinced that her snatch must have had a mezzanine. It was that damn good.

In America they have a saying to the effect that everything they do is to pay for the mortgage.That quite tidily sums up the american dream.Paying the mortgage.No wonder there was such a furore and global backlash the world over when the sub-prime market collapsed. The american dream was dying .

I don’t have very many friends who are paying off a mortgage. I do have a lot of friends paying off car loans (or defaulting). Maybe this is a testament to my circle of friends or a testament to the stage of economical development we are at. I try not to overanalyze the finer points. Never the less currently the Kenyan man’s dream is the next other worldly horizontal experience! We are not paying the mortgage but for the next sexual conquest.

The suits, the drinks, the cars,the flat screen TV and the digs in the suburbs are all just bait.All successful hunters know that you either need to have exceptional stalking skills, endurance and patience or set a trap with the right bait! The most amazing thing about even the most prolific Lothario is that once the fish is caught they just get thrown right back into the sea.

After all that posturing,pandering and impressing ; after the outlay of a small fortune! Who is fooling whom?Do you my good man or dirty old man for that matter, still think that women are the ones getting screwed?


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