I shall scream, scream till my lungs smart
You cannot start to stammer a stuttering scream
There is nowhere else to run, nowhere to hide
So scream I shall, awaken the beast within

I shall dream. Close my eyes and drift away
To a far off place where nothing can reach me
A land of unending merriment, deferred detriment
That’s it! I shall dream lest am forced to scream

I cannot cry. It is foolhardy and defeatist
It is pithy- piety that I seek not a pity-party
Weakening my resolve without solving a thing
I cannot afford tears, so I shall dream and not scream

My eyes burn in indecision and self derision
Trying to muster enough will to master own self
I’m fighting back with all that I’ve not yet got, and yet …
They burn for I cannot cry; I can only dream, I dare not scream.


About BMK

I have always been overwhelmed by the exuberance of my own verbosity and the fecundity of my mind's eye. View all posts by BMK

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