Glass Eyes

Months now, still those eyes haunt
Everything else marred, blurred by drunken haze
And yet clear as can be ….. Those eyes

The distance in them captured mine at first
The depth of despair, anguish in such pretty eyes
Mine watered unabashedly

The sardonic smile in those watery eyes
Seemingly daring to be unshackled, begging even
Turning away invitingly [unwittingly?]

Ponderous eyes exhibiting poignant memories
Laughter and gaiety not what surrounds them now?
Not laugh lines something more sinister than crow’s feet

Despair is what traversed those beautiful eyes
Yet a lingering peace, spaced out and forlorn
Bitter-sweet-sour, everywhere they cast their searing gaze

Enraptured, enamored, what else could I have been?
Let me bring them back to life. May I? Can i?
Those dead, glassy, glazed, gorgeous green eyes?

Meow! Came back the emphatic reply ……


About BMK

I have always been overwhelmed by the exuberance of my own verbosity and the fecundity of my mind's eye. View all posts by BMK

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