Selflessness 101

Sometimes I sit back and indulge in the silly practice of introspection. I call it silly because it recently led me to give up drinking. In my silly stupor I gave up something that I enjoy because of a passing thought. And like a fart in the wind my thirst for alcohol disappeared.

Once not too long ago I was sipping on a mock-tail getting mildly irritated by the increasing stupidity brought on by increasing inebriation of my companions when I had an abracadabra moment. Yes it came replete with stars and a heady lightheadedness!

The stars I saw were a result of the resounding slap I got when I refused to accept a beer from a man I have drunk under the table many times before. His contention was that even though I had given up drinking I could surely drink on his behalf as he had clearly had too much to drink himself!

Having been bowled over quite literally by the strength of his argument I saw the light and swirled some non alcoholic beer into my glass with false bravado. I toasted to his health and slunk away to a corner to brood over what I was doing in a pub in the first place!

It was while I sat in that corner that I reflected on all the beer that I have drank in the past, I was deeply ashamed .I was overcome with grief for all the times I have thrown up alcohol due to over indulgence whilst there are so many sober orphans in Kazakhstan!

As I sat there wallowing in self pity I began to think of all the workers at the beer factory in Ruaraka. I began to think of my friend Eric slaving away at the “Orchid Lounge’’ to put diapers on his little son. Of Leonard at ‘Blanco’s’ and of course Charles at ‘Teremsha Kijijí’ that Friday Nyama choma BOGOF.

I began to think about their hopes and ambitions not only for themselves but also for their families. I began to think of their wives and their parents and the great expectations that certain people have of them.

I looked down at the unopened bottle of white cap sweating in front of me, Virginal in the quiescence of the fading evening light. I thought to myself. “If I do not drink this beer all these people might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered!

I mulled over this and I tell you friends quite quaint is quandary! Eventually I came to the only logical conclusion and whispered under my breadth” it is better that I drink this beer and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver!”

Have a selfless week guys!


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