Neo-Part One

Beer goggles blind. That was the state that I was in the first time I met her. I am told my condition had deteriorated the next time I met her .I believe the word comatose was used.

However that is not the story on my lips tonight.

The story that I, mean to tell is about the first time I saw her. She had just woken up. Fresh from slumber her hair tumbling down her face and like the sun that wondrous morning there she stood in a blaze of glorious beauty.

Not even the imprint of the blanket she had ensconced herself in-emblazoned on her right cheek- could take away anything from her awesome beauty. Maybe it was the sun shining on my back that cast an iridescent glow about her enveloping her face in a giant halo. But as I stood rooted to that threshold three things happened simultaneously.

She opened the door and as she did so did her eyes slowly flutter open. Her unbelievably long eyelashes seemed to take an eternity caressing her eyeballs on their playful and languid way up. My already slowly dilating pupils were caught in the slipstream of Grey flakes swimming gaily in the brown whirlpool that drew me to the center of her essence. It seemed that any will not to stare was swept away into oblivion and into those dangerously deep eyes.

Even as I reveled against my will in the curtain raising revelation on display I made a futile attempt to ignore the warm stirring I felt in the ice block where my heart used to reside. At that exact instance her lips parted ever so slightly a suggestion of a stifled yawn. The creases forming at the corner of her mouth a hint of what her smile would look like lit up the silent smile of her eyes.
The contradiction in the slow turmoil in my chest crescendo’s into my first and only ocular orgasm .


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I have always been overwhelmed by the exuberance of my own verbosity and the fecundity of my mind's eye. View all posts by BMK

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