The world Has gone Mad!

Woke up this morning to the barking  of the cows

The scarlet moon rising from the south in the morn

The grass a glorious blue against a green sky

The cat striped black and red bleats under my bed

The wife asks from the bathroom for her shaving blade

“Your late for school!” scream the kids “We’re off to work!”

I step outside and trudge along among the clouds

I adjust the shoe on my head and hitch up my pantyhose

The sea pours into the rivers as they race to the hills

Pretty soon it iwll be twilight and the brown sun shall rise

Planes whiz by on the streets as the lights turn red

Topsy turvy everywhere,the world’s gone mad I tell you!


About BMK

I have always been overwhelmed by the exuberance of my own verbosity and the fecundity of my mind's eye. View all posts by BMK

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